Do diploma's kill passion and talent? | Jef Staes

Do diploma's kill passion and talent? | Jef Staes

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I put forward a motion, and if everyone agrees with me, then it's the wrong motion.
Because we need conflict.


Schools were created in a time-frame there was no information.

We created schools where students listened to a teacher that was smarter then anyone in the classroom.

The whole system was created around books.
Now it's ebooks.
But it's the same shit.
Now it's just e-shit.

In 2D you didn't get a diploma because of your talents and passion.
You got a diploma because you passed trough he exams for what you didn't have a passion or talent.
Because if you would have studies area's with passion and talent, you'd be smarter then the teacher, and they didn't allow that.


We became fenced-in 2D-sheep with 2D diplomas.
We have created a lost generation.

You know what the change is?
Now you can learn at home.
We have internet.
You don't have to go to school anymore to learn.
You can learn at home.
But you know why you have to go to school.
It's because somebody says: "the information at school is better."
It's not true.
It's just a teacher protecting his job.

And the the teacher says: "but at home you can't get a degree, a diploma."
And that's right.
That's the power the teacher has.
And that's why I put on this motion: to take away the power of diploma's.
We are in the 3D dimension.

Everyone can learn everything.

The world is changing.
We need to adapt education to this new area.
We need to be 3D smarts.

We need life long learning based on our passion and talents and unlimited access to information.

You know what a TALENT is? It's magic!


We have to create passion for talent.


You are not a sheep.
So stop acting like one.