World View: The Changed World | Dr. Hans Rosling

In this session, published 12/05/2014, Dr. Hans Rosling challenges us and invites us to take actively part in his ongoing research.
You're guaranteed to be surprised.

We live in an already CHANGED world. 

Do you dare to answer the questions along with the video at the start of this seminar?
It's an eye opener for sure.

Why is this important for business? 

Simply because business is about the future.
Taking in account the reality of the world and where it's heading to.
Taking in account scientific predictions.

World View: Net Neutrality in danger & Interviewing General Keith Alexander | John Oliver

It seems to be "a long way from home show" here in the "Free West " that our government would censor the internet or would block applications.
And suddenly, even Turkey blocks youtube at a certain moment in time.
Some countries already are censoring the internet.
Others already are blocking numerous applications.

Now combine this idea that in our "Western World" (USA, Europe) net neutrality would be lifted, something that the major telecom operators would prefer ... and then watch these two video's ...

First of all, you'll laugh out loud with the great sense of humor of John Oliver ... and even more important, it'll give you another "World View" ...

Net Neutrality in danger

Interview on Last Week Tonight of General Keith Alexander

To discover more from John Oliver, visit this youtube channel (while you still can): click here

John Oliver

Red Monkey goes TEDx | Jef Staes

Inventing a new world based on information

In this awesome keynote, Jef Staes joins the stage at TEDx Utrecht. The keynote is in English and he's showing how the corporate world should embrace the 3D smarts and the Red Monkeys in this new brave world. Watch! Listen! Learn! Enjoy! 

The Naked Sheep | Jef Staes @ TEDx Flanders 2014

It's about an awakening!

It's a story about sheep, smarts, a tremendous switch we're experiencing and it's a story about adiction and playlists.

Jef Staes shows how to change from the illusion of innovation into real innovation.

"A must watch! That simple. - Tom Commeine"

This is the newest keynote by Jef Staes.

"If you put fences around people, you get sheep."

We need humans. Not sheep.

It's about talent.
It's about passion.
It's about learning and becomming 3D competent.

We need people with "PIT"

Worldview: A needle-free vaccine patch that's safer and way cheaper | Mark Kendall

A breaktrough in medicine after 160 years ...

 Some quote's: 

 (...) "In 1853 a Scotsman filed his very first patent on the needle and syringe. His name was Alexander Wood, and it was at the Royal College of Physicians. This is the patent. What blows my mind when I look at it even today is that it looks almost identical to the needle in use today. Yet, it's 160 years old."

 (...) "Let's consider the big three: HIV, malaria, tuberculosis. They're responsible for about 7 million deaths per year, and there is no adequate vaccination method for any of those."  

(...) "Now, the stakes are very high. The WHO estimates that within Africa, up to half the vaccines used there are considered to not be working properly because at some point the cold chain has fallen over. So it's a big problem, and it's tied in with the needle and syringe because it's a liquid form vaccine, and when it's liquid it needs the refrigeration. A key attribute of our Nanopatch is that the vaccine is dry, and when it's dry it doesn't need refrigeration. Within my lab we've shown that we can keep the vaccine stored at 23 degrees Celsius for more than a year without any loss in activity at all. That's an important improvement." (Applause)

The power of innovation and marketing | Anthony Robbins

Watch, Listen, Learn and Enjoy!

Some quotes:

"Could you imagine back in 2006 that people would ever stand in line for nights in front of a shop in lines to buy a ... phone?
Still back in 2007 ... and since ... People stand in line for an iphone.
That's identity."

"People don't buy products, they buy emotions, they buy identity.
People want "the story"."

"If you have - or create - a business, you have to add more value then anyone else does, and you have to know first what the value is.
Don't think the value is what YOU think it is.
Find out what your ideal CLIENT's value is for him."

"You have to keep innovating otherwise people get borred."

Steve Wozniak on education, innovation and progress

Steve Wozniak interviewed by Nido Qubein

In this interview, you can feel the passion for education and explore the future of education seen by a person that has a zest for education and who did have a great impact on the world. 

Steve Wozniak was born August 11, 1950 and is an American inventor, computer engineer and programmer who co-founded Apple Computer (now Apple Inc.) with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne. Wozniak single-handedly invented both the Apple I and Apple II computers in the late 1970s. These computers contributed significantly to the microcomputer revolution.

Technology is always changing because of smart people. 
Smart scientists.
Smart technicians.
Smart engineers.

I was learning for fun.
I was doing it for fun.
It was fun.
At 14 I knew that computers would gonna be the passion of my life. 

A fast computer doesn't solve a problem. 
It's the intellect of a mind, it's the intu├»tion that solves a problem. 

Love is a feeling.
Young people love their mobile because it's allows them to connect the world.

Education has been the thing I cared for the most next to technology.