The power of innovation and marketing | Anthony Robbins

Watch, Listen, Learn and Enjoy!

Some quotes:

"Could you imagine back in 2006 that people would ever stand in line for nights in front of a shop in lines to buy a ... phone?
Still back in 2007 ... and since ... People stand in line for an iphone.
That's identity."

"People don't buy products, they buy emotions, they buy identity.
People want "the story"."

"If you have - or create - a business, you have to add more value then anyone else does, and you have to know first what the value is.
Don't think the value is what YOU think it is.
Find out what your ideal CLIENT's value is for him."

"You have to keep innovating otherwise people get borred."

Some more quote's:
I don't judge people to how their lips move, I judge 'm to how their feet move.
Same goes for your clients. You do a focus group, and they'll tell you all kind of things. But you have to watch what they are DOING.
You need to know more about your clients then they know about themselves.
If  you do that, you'll be able to meet they're deepest needs. 
The growth of a company is always tied to the psychology and skills of the leader.  

The first key is innovation. The second key is innovation. They are tied together.
Even If you meet people's deepest needs and you don't innovate, they'll get borred and move on.
If you don't keep innovating, people start to look around. 

What is marketing?
Marketing is getting people to want to do business with you, to buy from you.
Getting them to seek you out. 

The best product with the best marketing will always win. 

Why do most relationships end?
Because of lack of innovation and lack of marketing!
(This is so good! Make sure you listen and learn!)

Innovation and marketing are constant and never ending.
That's true in business and true in relationships. 

80% of the chokehold on the business is the psychology of the leader. Only 20% is about missing the skillset. 

If you want to know how to grow your business, get around something that's better then you and let it hit you. 

Do you know where you make your money from?
Do you know where your best margin commes from?
Do you know who your best clients are?
What's the base?

You can't expand the base of clients if you don't know who they are.