The "weird?" idea's of Seth Godin

A 55 minutes video by High Point University with two of my favorite authors and speakers: Nido R. Qubein and Seth Godin.



Seth Godin:
"What's the purpose of the book cover? It's to start a story in your head. The purpose of the Title is to open a door to what's the book about." 
"The only reason to write a book is to start people thinking." 
The book "We're all weird".
The idea is that the normal distribution says that the section in the center is normal and that most people, the masses are in the middle. And you win by providing for the masses. What has happened in the last 15 years is that the outer-circles  the weird, have connected and have grown. So now there are more people on the edges than there are on the middle. And the people left in the middle are boring on purpose. They don't want to hear about your new idea, about your new product, about whatever. They just gonna watch Idol. 

Seth Godin:
"I prefer to hang out with people who are going very fast and who have figured out that mistakes aren't going to kill them."

Failure doesn't have to be expensive, it only has to be a little embarrassing. Remarkable stuff is always stuff that might fail. 
The purpose of a good university is to give you a good foundation to fail. 
Seth Godin, my advise to these young students:
Being able to become the person who raises their hand first and volunteers to do something first. 
Art is about initiating, inventing, creating, and touching people. 
What are Seth Godin's best 3 books? a Zig Ziglar book, a Tom Peters book, and a Science fiction book 
You see something and you do it. It sounds easy, but it's not.