Religions and babies: impact on the future | Hans Rosling

This is a 2012 seminar of Hans Rosling.

Enjoy watching and learning, it's most interesting:

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Religions and babies | Hans Rosling

It's a broad and very delicate subject.

I will limit myself to the only relation between religion and sexuality.
My talk will be about the impact of religions on the number of babies per woman.

Everybody understands that there is some kind of limit with how many people we can be on th is  globe.


this is a quiz ... 

... how many people will there be in the year 2.100 ?
In 1950 there were 1 bio people age 0-15.
In 2000 there were 2 bio people age 0-15.
In 2100 ... how many people age 0-15 will there be?
... decrease to 1 bio?
... remain on to 2 bio?
.... increase less rapidly to 3 bio?
.... increase equally fast to 4 bio?

I will tell you in this speech.


At gapminder we made our own map ... 

Eastern Religion
Non Clasified

... And now the magic displayed data ....

Let's see what has happened in the world ... 

In the world today the countries with the highest deathrate of children have the highest populationgrowth.

  1. You need to have children who survive
  2. You need to have an economic situation where  families do not need to depend on the childrens labor income to survive
  3. You need to have access to some family planning
  4. Woman need to get education and join the labor force

The answer of the quiz is ....