How to Change Education | Sir Ken Robinson

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How to Change Education

The basics of education are the purposes for which we do this.
What's it for?
If we don't agree on the purposes, we have a problem.

I think there are four.

4 purposes for education: 

  • Economics
  • Cultural
  • Social
  • Personal

We invest so much in education because we believe that it'll contribute to our future wealth and economic welfare.

What keeps a surveyed 1.800 leaders in the world awake in 2013? 

  • Adaptability: how to create organisations that can adapt quickly to circumstances. The video gives several examples and a clear explanation. 
  • Creativity: how to be systematicaly creative? 

We need people that are social engaged. 

People are driven by different passions. 
People are diverse. 

Education is about people, about individuals.

This is a great 'brain-game' about education: 

What can you take away from education, and still have education? 

Take as much away as possible. 
And after you've stripped it as much as possible, that's the core. 

Children are learning organisms. 

They are born with a vast apetite for learning. 
You don't teach your child to speak. 
We do teach'm to write. 
Writing commes much later in evolution then speaking. 

The conceit of education is that we can help them to learn better. 

We have to focus on the process of teaching, of learning. 

Teaching is an artform. 

Education happens at the point where learners and teachers connect. 

You can change the system yourself. You don't need to wait for something to happen or for someone else to do it. 

As a teacher, you're the "system". 

Rock-and-Roll was NOT a government plan. 
The internet was NOT a government plan. 
Human culture is essentially unpredictable.